Security & Business Continuity

At Kundel Systems, we believe that regular monitoring and maintenance of your IT System, along with an effective recovery plan in case of the unexpected is the best way to minimize business disruption caused by IT issues.  Our solution can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.


Email Security - Virus Free, Spam Free

We have partnered with Symantec Mail Security and GFI Mail Essentials to provide complete protection of your email and web communications.

  • Constant identification and protection from viruses, malware, adware, and trojans.
  • Continual adaptation to changing spam techniques
  • Spam management can be set to ensure protection and efficiency, while at the same time allowing options to make certain that important emails are not automatically discarded.
  • Email message authentication to block phishing schemes and prevent identifiy theft.

Web Filtering

Our solution incorporates GFI Web Monitor to allow enforcement of your web usage policies and protection from destructive sites. 


Unsure if your web usage policy meets current standards?  We can help you understand the impact of your policy and ensure that is neither causing you undue exposure or are too stringent to meet your business needs.


Reports are provided to show where the policies are being broken, and what machines are consuming web resources, impacting productivity.

Business Continuity

      Data Backup

  • Back up plans can include traditional tape backups that run overnight, keeping your data in your hands or,
  • Alternatives to traditional tape backups that incorporate special appliances and/or online cloud backups that allow restoring files at any time
  • Regular verification that backups are working as expected


     Server Maintenance

  • Regular reviews to identify any possibe upcoming failures or issues
  • Monitoring of server performance indicators such as CPU usage, memory, hard drive space and utilizations


      Workstation Maintenance

  • Physical cleaning of case and fans to prevent overheating and breakdown
  • User support resolving performance and application issues


      Application Maintenance

  • Virus software products are kept up to date and operating properly 
  • Review of spam capture data to adjust false positives and adapt to evolving spam tactics